Paperback Binding & Reinforcement
If a paperback is worth purchasing, it's worth protecting - With Emery-Pratt binding and reinforcement services.

Paperback books lead rough lives. On the average they only last six circulations before they need replacement. Fortunately, Emery-Pratt can protect your paperbacks, and your investment.

With our reinforcement and bindery services, paperbacks last 5 to 8 times longer, while they stay intact and attractive to draw more attention and circulation.

All of our paperback binding and reinforcement services are designed to do two things...make your life easier and save you money. When you place your order, you can specify any of our binding or reinforcement services. Then when your shipment comes, you'll find your books prepared exactly the way you want them.

Learn more about our paperback binding options by selecting one of the binding methods below.