Services - Reinforced Laminate Binding

If you're wasting money replacing old

paperbacks, give them a longer life.

When you convert paperbacks into Reinforced Laminate Binding, you are able to extend the life of a paperback for years. And when your paperbacks last longer, you spend less money replacing them. That can translate into significant savings for your book budget. Plus, you are essentially getting a hardback book for a fraction of the publisher's hardcover edition price.


1. We guarantee your satisfaction.

Every Reinforced Laminate Binding book is guaranteed for quality of workmanship and materials. If, during normal use a book does not retain its original craftsmanship, we will replace it at no charge.

2. We guarantee you'll save money.

A normal paperback will get about 6 circulations. A paperback bound in Reinforced Laminate Binding will circulate at least 50 times! That's 8 times longer than a paperback, which saves you the cost of repurchasing the same title 8 times. The money you save could be invested in new titles.

For more information about Reinforced Laminate Binding and other rebinding options, contact us at 1 800 248-3887, or send an e-mail to customer service.