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Keeping Current Has Never Been Easier!
If you're like most libraries, you carry dozens or hundreds of non-periodical serial titles. And, if you're like most libraries, it takes an inordinate amount of time to keep these titles current. That's why Emery-Pratt's Standing Order Service makes so much sense for so many libraries.
We minimize the effort you need to ensure titles stay up-to-date. Our affordable programs meet your specific requirements, and our follow through service prevents problems, answers questions and addresses issues - in the timeliest manner possible.
We Set Up the Program That Works Best For You!
At Emery-Pratt, standing orders receive the same attention as firm orders, but with special attention to the unique characteristics that surround standing orders.
takes all the
stress out of
keeping up
with new
  • We offer the most comprehensive list of sources, with thousands of serial titles.
  • Flexible, individualized order programs ensure each title is received on schedule, whether it's annually, when new editions are published, or at intervals of two or more years.
  • Prompt delivery is assured.
  • Constantly updated order status information is immediately available.
  • Invoices are arranged to your specification, with services like automatic publisher prepayments provided whenever necessary.
Emery-Pratt: A Long-Standing Expert at Standing Orders
For over 140 years, Emery-Pratt has been working with libraries of all types and sizes. Quite simply, our experience and knowledge are unmatched.
Free Evaluation
Our free Standing Orders evaluation will show the exact benefits our Standing Orders program can bring your library. We'll assess your current program, and tell you the ways we can save you time, money, and effort.
To Get Started
Contact Customer Service at 800 248-3887, email Customer Service, or contact your Emery-Pratt Account Manager.