We take your order,

you take control.

Track every order, every step of the way.

When it comes to the status of your purchase, Emery-Pratt is up-to-the-minute and always available. You receive the latest information on your order as soon as we do. You, then decide how your order reports are arranged and supplied to you, either alphabetically by author or title, or numerically by your purchase order number. Last, you tell us whether you wish to receive your detailed reports via fax or email.

Complete access to your order in progress.

You will have to lift a finger…but only one.

Check the status of your order 24 hours a day at at no cost to you. Then, if you still need additional information, just call our customer service department toll-free and let an Emery-Pratt representative give you the answers. We can even supply you with a complete list of all your active orders. You see we're not just at your service, we're at your fingertips.

Every personalized order report includes:

Every order includes the following status description:

Emery-Pratt Comprehensive Reports will come to you in a variety of formats:

To learn more about Comprehensive Reporting, or to request this service, please call or e-mail Emery-Pratt